Virtual Environments – Second Life: First blog post.


When I first heard of the module “Virtual Environments” I was unsure of what to expect. I had never heard of anything quite like it, and therefore I was immediately intrigued.

Last Thursday we had our first lecture on “Second life” and it was an interesting experience to say the least. Like many things, there were teething problems i.e. mics not working, people unable to attend the lecture (which is ironic in itself seeing as how it is all online) and more, but that still didn’t take away from the enjoyment I got from the class. It was fun to interact virtually, and seemed quite fitting in the current state we find ourselves living in.

Throughout the week I explored a few different places on Second Life, some of which I liked and found rather educational, for instance the Black History Museum and some of which I hope to never return to, I won’t say names. I visited three locations in total, the Black History Museum which I have briefly mentioned above, Midnight in Paris and Peaceful Winter Dreams for Valentines.

The Black History Museum was by far my favourite from the three as I felt I actually took something from it. Each wall was filled with knowledge of Black History which is something I feel everyone should be educated on – for example when you climbed the stairs of the museum, a poster became visible with information regarding “The Transatlantic Slave Trade” that was underway from 1500 – 1866, shipping more than 12 million African slaves across the world. This piece of information, alongside much more significant black history figures were both devastating and inflamed anger within.

After my endurance in the Black History Museum, I used the “teleport” option to teleport my avatar to “Midnight in Paris”. Here, I strolled the streets of a dark, rainy Paris and chatted with two other avatars, “Agito” and “DahKookieMonsta”. Our chat was brief but fun! I found an empty playground, closed cinema (which I did attempt to try get in) and a coffee shack, which I tried to purchase a coffee from but was unable. “Midnight in Paris” was a nice place to visit, but I found I wasn’t able to do much.

The last location which I teleported my Avatar to was “Peaceful Winter Dreams for Valentines”. The setting was magically designed like a winter wonderland. The snow glistened from both the floor and trees. Here, I attempted to chat with another Avatar named “vega.kiyori” but unfortunately for me, she didn’t want to chat back. However, she did gift me with a warm hot chocolate from the coffee shack. After this, I said it would be smart to try and manoeuvre my Avatar more efficiently and effectively, so I took a trip into the woods. Here, I found a house which was unlocked. I entered the house, but no one appeared to be home. I was able to see that the house did in fact belong to another Avatar, the same Avatar who bought me my hot chocolate! I decided to return the kind favour, and light her fire in her home for her.

“Midnight in Paris” and “Peaceful Winter Dreams for Valentines” were both beautiful to endure, however the Black History Museum was bar far my favourite place to visit. I am excited to get more familiar with Second Life throughout the next coming weeks!

Published by AF1234

Hi there, I am new to the blogging life but am intrigued to get started! I am a final year student studying in college in Ireland, Dublin and have had to create a blog for one of my modules "Second Life". I have never blogged before, but I enjoy writing and learning about new environments, so this should be fun! I like gaining new experiences from each task I take on. Some of my main interests involve fashion, writing and music.

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